Virginia Traffic Defense Lawyers: Speeding Tickets

If you have received a ticket for speeding, you may have been advised by friends and family that it is best to simply pay the ticket and move forward with your life. After all, a speeding ticket has a relatively small fine and hiring an attorney seems like a big undertaking.

The real cost of a speeding ticket, however, is not the cost of the fine itself. The real cost of a speeding ticket is the damage to your driving record and the resulting long-term increase in auto insurance rates. Before you make a final decision regarding any traffic citation, talk with an experienced traffic defense attorney to learn more about your rights and options. Speaking with an attorney can better enable you to make an informed decision in your case. Our law firm can be reached for a free consultation at 866.591.6682 for cases in Northern Virginia.

Speeding Ticket Defense in Northern Virginia

A central focus of our firm is the defense of people charged with serious traffic violations such as reckless driving and Virginia speeding tickets. Our experience with traffic cases enables us to raise defenses that may be overlooked by other firms. We have extensive knowledge of radar and LIDAR. We know many ways to mount a rigorous defense in speeding cases.

The criminal defense attorneys of the Gordon Law Firm offer a free consultation and we will discuss your traffic ticket with you and listen carefully to your concerns. Many times, after such a consultation, we recommend that you pay the speeding ticket. Other times, such as when a client’s driving record has been previously blemished, or when the Virginia Department of Motors Vehicles (DMV) has placed our client on probation, or if our client has a Commercial Driver’s License, the matter may be serious enough to warrant hiring our firm to fight your Virginia speeding ticket.

If you are licensed in North Carolina and are accused of driving 15 mph above the speed limit, a Virginia speeding conviction may be reported to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and may result in an automatic 30 day license suspension.

In addition to our ability to fight for you at trial we can also seek on your behalf an agreement that may minimize or eliminate the adverse effect on your driving record and auto insurance rates.